New Musical “They Made It Here” Performed at Celtic Hall

Debuting Feb. 1: Tickets are $20

The famous American immigrants who gifted us with White Christmas, the Pulitzer Prize and Carnegie Hall come alive in this new musical. “They Made It Here” is the story of a brilliant young musician, Frank, who finds himself alone after his parents are deported. Feeling abandoned, he withdraws from his friends and musical life. Two famous Guardian Angels who struggled as young immigrants before becoming successful pay him a visit. They take Frank on a journey to re-ignite his life and dreams.

The stories of Irving Berlin, who escaped the Russian pogroms to become one of America’s greatest songwriters, and Andrew Carnegie who escaped Scotland’s starvation to become one of our country’s greatest philanthropists, are brought to life. He is honored with a fiddle tribute.

With an original score and live music that blends ethnic, rap and Broadway sounds, the musical delivers a timeless message about changing loss into hope by believing in yourself.

Performance date is February 1, 2020

Tickets $20

Benefit Performance for Refugee and Immigrant Services of Emmaus