Gaelic Athletic Association

The Gaelic Athletic Association is more than a sporting organization. Although it is dedicated to promoting the games of hurling, football, handball, rounders (a game akin to baseball) and camogie (a woman’s game akin to hurling), the GAA also supports activities which enrich the culture of the nation and further Gaelic ideals, including the Irish language and Irish music and dance.

Gaelic football is played by men and or women in teams of 13 or 15 players with a maximum of five substitutions permitted during a 60 or 70 minute game. The ball may be carried for up to four paces and then bounced or released to the toe, kicked, or struck with the open hand or fist, in any direction. When played by men, it may not be picked up directly from the ground. Scoring is through “H”-style goal posts with one point awarded for a score over the crossbar, and a goal worth three points awarded for a score under the crossbar. Physical contact is allowed, shoulder to shoulder, but no direct body tackling is permitted.

The players are all amateurs. Games are organized by age group levels. Players are classified as ‘Juvenile’ up to age 16, ‘Minor’ up to age 18, and ‘Senior’ from age 18 and over.

To learn more about our local men’s football team, Na Clairsigh, visit the team’s website: COMING SOON!